King's Chill Vol. 2
Space Quest I "The Movie" - Original Soundtrack
King's Chill Vol. 1
Space Quest 6 - Reorchestrated
Space Quest IV "Blue Frogs" - Complete Soundtrack
Space Quest V - Reorchestrated
Space Quest III - Reorchestrated & Re-Recorded
Space Quest IV - Reorchestrated


Q: I missed [album] when it was crowdfunding. Do you have any copies left over for sale?

A: Sorry, no. There are only as many copies pressed as there were backers for a given campaign. Qrates handles all shipping and distribution, so I don't have an inventory of records. If you missed out, then I'm afraid you're out of luck, unless we decide to do a repress.
Q: Will you ever do a repress of [album]?

A: Unfortunately, represses are unlikely to happen since we donated the profits of all of our earlier releases to charity. Either we would have to start a new campaign, and thus meet the same goal of x number of pre-orders, or use the profits from a later campaign to fund a repress. Neither are very likely to happen.
Q: How is this legal? How do you get the rights to release these?

A: Anyone can buy song licensing from services like, which is what we do.
Q: What about digital/CD releases?

A: All of our releases have digital counterparts over on We don't do CD releases, but you can download the uncompressed WAV-files and burn them to a CD, if you like.
For more information or questions, please write to